Jutsu System

System description:
Jutsu is a technique that requires specific skills to use. There are many types of jutsu, some can defend you, others can attack the enemy and others strengthen or heal you and even your friends.

Transform System

System description:
Transforms are a new form of your character. It can draw health and chakra per second, but increase the damage of your character. It can increase also the amount of your health and chakra. Your appearance may also change.

Duel System

System description:
It's a challenge for players that are just as strong as you. Duel flag can be created only at the duel flag place. The winner will got amount of rin you rate and Duel Rating points, loser will lose it.
Helpfull commands:
!createduel X
X - amount of rin

Travel System

You can save the time in the game by traveling with a Hawk (for premium account). Special stations on the map provide you with a comfortable trip to interesting places.

You can go by boat. It is a longer solution than flying, but quite cheap and there is no need to have a premium account.

Talent System

System description:
If you get 10 level, you can add talents. To do this, you need talent points. Check a talent window that can be turned on in the top panel. Talents give great opportunities, so choose the best one for you. If you're unlucky, some missions will give you a certain point of talent!

Referral System

System description:
If you will invite a friend and he has reached level 70, you will get a reward. It's 5 hours of exp bonus, ninja skin and bag containing 100x military rations pill and 50x chakra pill! The rewards are cumulative!

Monster Skull System

System description:
You can find powerful types of monsters. The stronger ones will have a white and red skull, and the strongest will have black. There are also unique monsters that are themselves bosses and are extremely powerful. You can recognize them easily.

Market System

System description:
Markets are special stands where you can buy items from players or sell items. Market can be created at the market place, which is located next to the depot.
Helpfull commands:

Upgrade System

System description:
You can upgrade items by using right gems. Their properties are strengthened and the appearance of item on +9 and +11 is changing.

Craft System

System description:
It can make you the owner of great items. Find Orochimaru's hideout and experiment! Check the recipe and create amazing items.

Skin System

System description:
It allows the user to transform into the appearance of another person, monster, object. Some skins may have jump and attack effect!

Summons System

System description:
They are your allies whom you summon. When they are present, they support you with their skills as well as buffs. You can buy them in shop or get as reward from missions.

Mission System

System description:
There are story missions, side missions and dungeons. The side missions are profitable, but not necessarily important. Story missions are anime based missions. Thanks to this you can get interesting prizes, increase the amount of your health and the rank. Dungeons are big places, full of puzzles, difficult passages and strong monsters.

Set System

System description:
A set of items will make your attacks and defense increase by 10%!

Jump System

System description:
During the jump, you avoid all enemy attacks. In addition, your speed increases significantly. You can use it to escape or quickly shorten the range to the enemy. Often you can also jump on the upper floors, roofs or other high objects.

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