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Hello ninjas,
Today we have introduced an update!

Last year, we hid Golden Pumpkins from you. Giant Spiders spun their webs under the Skeleton Cave, and some NPCs used Henge no Jutsu to transform into giant pumpkins, quickly found by our players! You could acquire rare skins, temporarily enjoy Healing Candies, meet Franleenstain, and decorate your houses. The Gargoyle also permanently moved into the houses, adding a touch of horror to this day. We rewarded the most beautifully decorated houses! And next to the event winners stood, or rather started flying, a small but very powerful Pumpkin Spirit.

This year we will also have fun! Candies are back! House decorations are back! Let our houses inspire fear! The most beautiful houses will again be rewarded by the game creators! Some NPCs are again pretending to be pumpkins thanks to Henge, but we’ve raised the bar, last year was too easy. Just take a screenshot on Discord with such a giant pumpkin and we have 50 Golden Pumpkins for you! Why are Golden Pumpkins valuable? There are two reasons - Halloween skins and a new helmet. It’s a universal item that contains all the bonuses of the most popular sets, making it probably the best available helmet in the game at the moment. Well, but there are only 3 NPCs and a lot of players! Tobi is the answer. He will occasionally put down 5 Golden Pumpkins and run away. If you’re extremely lucky and catch him red-handed, you’ll immediately get 5 Golden Pumpkins along with others who see him. Each character can get a maximum of 100 Golden Pumpkins from Tobi, which means you’ll have to make a choice: Did you collect it for skin or helmet? An alternative is to use another character. We will also add the option to buy Golden Pumpkins in the NSC Shop if you run out!

- New items.
- Client optimization. Up to +80% FPS.
- Accepting Daily Tasks (with a gold skull) resets the daily limit.
- Tobi, the rhino guardian was created to remove low levels on afk exp.
- More visible option to ignore creatures in Battle.
- Simple interactions with the animals in the house.

- Counter damage vs monsters x2.
- Reflect in talents vs monsters (D2 and D7) and amplified twice.
- Reflect vs monsters multiplication in talent (D8) increased from 2x to 2.5x.
- When Haku's mirror appears on Haku, Haku automatically enters it.
- Maximum number of traps on the ground increased from 3 to 5.
- Stuck in a wall no longer saves from attacks.
- Mist Demon Set polished. New craft recipe.
- Red Captain Items changed to Pirate Set referring to the well-known anime.
- Chakra Charge delay between jutsu use and walk increased from 0.5s to 1.5s.
- You can move while bathing (we haven't made graphics yet).
- Jutsus that boost up to +50% when stacked only send information when stacks are greater than 0.
- Monster attacks when changing floors were too slow, allowing too obvious and safe exp using the stair climbing technique. Therefore, we removed this delay.

- Sakura: Shannaro damage changed from 4336.5 to 5369 AU. This now also adds 20% tenacity (immunity to slows, stuns, etc.)
- Sasuke and Kimimaro: They have a mechanic to attract opponents, but as you have noticed, it was often ineffective. We've corrected this and they should now grab enemies like Blitzcrank with ease!
- Gaara: As a character associated with Shukaku, should have large amounts of chakra, so he receives +10% chakra as a pernament. We know it's a tank character who additionally supports his team to make them more durable. We don't want to increase his damage because we believe that the tank should get it with reflect, but we realize that in PVP reflect is not as powerful as against monsters. Therefore, Sabaku no Sousou will add 15% cauterization for 4s. This way, his PVP potential will increase. Since he's a reflector-based character, we decided that pushing monsters away wasn't appropriate. We then remove push from Sasandan. Instead, we increase slow time from 2s to 3.5s and add 25% cauterization for 4s. Cooldown reduction is not included in passives. Gaara is a character who is famous for his defense, so Suna no Tate will now be more frequent, instead of 7 seconds of waiting there will only be 6.
- Chouji: Karori Kontororu loses calories from food 2x faster, but regeneration is more effective by 2.5% of maximum life. Nikudan Sensha and Nikudan Hari Sensha reworked. Baika no Jutsu no longer pushes enemies away.
- Sai: We're happy with how Sai works, but his clone and Ansatsu Jutsu should work together just like other characters. Ansatsu Jutsu is now also used by Sumi Bunshin. This is approximately 50% more damage from this spell.
- Naruto: We wanted him to be based on life regeneration, so pushing opponents to let him regenerate and simply deal more damage makes sense. Bunshin Taiatari, however, was only a single attack that was easily dodged. Therefore, Bunshin Taiatari now has as many uses as clones Naruto has. Therefore, we are increasing the cooldown by one second.
- Kiba: It's a good character, but after analysis, we came to the conclusion that his companion, Ninken needs a buff. Ninken damage from Garouga increased by 5% and for Chou Garouga by 20%.
- Kankuro: It is a very playable character, but we see that currently his auto attack summons are slightly too strong. Therefore, we weaken each of his summons by 15% in auto attacks. We will, however, increase the participation of his Sasori doll in his ultimate technique by 100%.
- Sasori: We noticed a similar problem here as Kankuro, especially since he is a tanky character. However, we only take 15% of auto attack damage from War Puppet.
- Zabuza: We know what potential Zabuza has with the new items, so we're not making many changes to him. We will, however, add 10% damage to auto attacks in permanents, because he is supposed to be a character that can deal terror at close range.
- Konohamaru: We are aware that his clones were wasted without Bunshin Taitari, so Isshi Tojin will now be used by all of his clones, thus more than doubling the damage and increasing the range of the jutsu, which after all is a stunner! In this simple way, Konohamaru returns to greatness, and his clones are very useful. Aware that Katon Homuranagase is avoidable, we increase its area to be similar to Katon Housenka no Jutsu.

- After many years of hard searching for the leveling time calculation problem, we found a bug and rewrote all systems to fix it! Joke. It was a two-digit change.
- Rhino no longer kicks up allies.
- Kai cooldown fixed. Thank you Gaius and Zaimda for report (+6 premium).
- Heal by summons fixed. Thank you Mind Freak for report (+5 premium).
- Fixed Remove Frag button in PVP module. Thank you Fuusia for report (+5 premium).
- Fixed the issue of disappearing bosses.
- Fixed a rare bug with screen desync after death.
- Fixed a bug of list with choose to create item when relogging to other character. Thank you Fuusia for report (+5 premium).
- Fixed a bug with Kage Bunshin auto-cast loop. Thank you Fuusia for report (+5 premium).
- Fixed bug with restoring full stamina by knocking over. Reported by Arsetus.
- Fixed bug where Kuroari Puppet auto attack damage was 400 instead of 200.

Our thoughts on the direction of change:
- Since tanks couldn't show off on exp and often chose talents for damage and area damage, we decided to significantly strengthen reflect vs monsters. Please note that reflect changes have been in the game for a long time, and we only mention them here because we haven't done it before.
- We also decided to make the experience easier for the most healing support, Sakura (we strengthened her jutsu and passives), but we addressed an oversight regarding the support issue. The price of the first aid kit was extremely low. It's only 360 rin and the chance of destroying the aid kit is only 6%. Assuming that the tank must spend 1 250 rin on the bell, which is used much more often, we decided to increase the price of the first aid kit to 2 500 rin.
- We noticed that there were a lot of Tenten-made items lying around the city. We decided this was a signal for us to nerf her creation jutsu.
- Explosive notes dealt 15% of health on explosion if you got too close to it. We thought it was too much, especially since it will be much more valuable now. We changed this value to 5%.

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Hello ninjas,
Today we have introduced a patch:

- Jutsu Charge deleted.
- Holding the "F" button causes auto chase. This will certainly improve the quality of the game for players who prefer close-range characters.
- Chakra Control and Ninjutsu training with fishes made easier. If the fish disappears, it will be automatically placed.
- Dash allows you to pass through the short creatures.
- If you lose premium and try to change set or weapon tabs filled with items, we send them to the depot mailbox.
- To enable teams of more than 5 to fight, guild/organization members will be treated as party members.
- Charge works automatically when we are not moving.

- Minimally increased package limit. We received information that you click a lot during fights - and we understand that, so to avoid getting kicked in such moments, we increased the packet limit from 250 to 320. Our analyzes show that this is a result that should not be exceeded.
- Tsuiga no Jutsu cooldown increased from 4 to 6.5s.
- Invulnerability talent (D12) got cooldown 25s.
- Haku in mirrors is immune to being pushed away.

- Transfer bug of settings from previous characters to a new character fixed. Thank you for reporting Fuusia (+7 premium).
- Fixed a bug where Ebisu sometimes did not add scroll of seals on Chakra Emitting. Thank you for reporting Slavic (+7 premium).
- Visual bug of empty party fixed. Thank you for reporting Dagger (+7 premium).
- Minimap fixed. Thank you for reporting Fuusia.

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Hello ninjas,
Today we have introduced a patch:

- Improved saving of settings, especially useful when using two clients.
- We have changed the system of searching for people - we display the area in which the player is located.

- After players with a leaf reported a problem with monsters attacked by players without a leaf, we decided to refine this system and now the system will not block a monster unless a player without a leaf is nearby.

- Crash fix, thank you to Javier for help in searching the issue (+10 premium).
- Test Doll sometimes did not print damage dealt, fixed.
- We have fixed the ability to throw a backpack into a backpack. Bug reported by Arsetus (+14 premium).
- We fixed the bug that personal loot was turned off when entering the pz.

As a thank you for your help in improving the game, we send 2x exp bonus assigned to your character!
Thank you for finding and reporting bugs, as well as cooperating with the NST!

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