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Hello ninjas,
Today we have introduced an update:

- Set chakra form (chakra barrier and chakra release) in NS Shop on 50% discount!
- New boss Eternal Carp!
- New food, Eternal Carp Meat, it speeds up ninjutsu training by two times and increases chakra regeneration by 70!
- Now more chill Chakra Control and Ninjutsu training while healing fish!
- New option to set the opacity of things above us that obscure.
- New option to disable progress bar of summons.
- Since area damage in talents is heavily used, we wanted to increase the usefulness of talent with bells and now it adds a reflection for 4 seconds.
- We've reworked the Test Doll area so that it's actually for checking damage rather than training. It costs 2 sen per minute to enter.
- Smooth icons for allies and enemies were not visible on other levels of minimap. We added it!

- The required values of criminal and hero points for ranks are halved.
- Enslaved Rhino task prize improved.
- Fishing in one place is no longer profitable.

- Stash and rewarded items fix - Thanks to Arsetus for report.
- Jar refresh.
- Cooldown display for scroll jutsu bug fixed. Thanks to Norox for reporting.
- Fixed bug with closing doors when someone is standing in them. Thanks for the report John.
- Push spells should no longer push to stairs. Thanks to Norox for reporting.

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Hello, ninjas!🥷

We have some updates for you!
The contest has ended. Congratulations to all the winners and we hope that you will rock in the upcoming contests!
We are extremely pleased that you have warmly welcomed the game.
We know that many people want to buy NSC keys and Premium, thereby supporting the development of the game.
The current method is Wise transfer and we will soon prepare a tutorial on how to use it.
So far, we ask for your patience or contact with players on Discord, who have already used this transfer and can help.
Check fixes and changes in this patch!

- Chakra control training on trees +25% faster.
- Chakra control training on water +50% faster.
- Chakra control training with fishes +50% faster.
- Charge chakra no longer blocks on interrupt.
- Gem particles now loot in larger quantities for silver and black.

- Itachi transform bug fix.
- Legendary Stupid Brother spawn bug fix.
- Rewarded items bug fixed.
- Dying after a previous death does not add a frag to the killer.
- Information about referral rewards on the website has been corrected.
- Refreshing skills after death.

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Hello, ninjas!🥷

We have some great news for you!
Everything is ready for the new start on the US server and you can create characters.
Before the start, we managed to fix some minor bugs, so we encourage you to download the client.
If anyone has a problem with creating a character or account, please let us know on Discord.

We also remind you of our contest where you can easily win 7 days of premium.
All you have to do is show your creativity and knowledge of our favorite anime.
For details, please refer to our social media.

Additionally, for the first few days we are offering a 20% discount on premium accounts! This is an ideal opportunity to join the game and immediately take advantage of the full range of possibilities that our game offers❗️
We have added new payment options, including Blik and Paysafecard. You will find it in Cashbill in the Premium tab.

That’s probably it!
There is less than a day left, so see you in the Naruto Story game!

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