Patch - New Story 1/2

Hello ninjas,
Today we have introduced another patch to the game with the following changes:

* The character gets the equipment from the beginning of the game, the novice boxes are removed.
* Questions appear twice as fast during the written chuunin exam.
* Fixed Frog Old Man, Tsunami and Enma.
* Resting loads our stamina twice as fast as before.
* Jump and dash uses 0.35% of focus.
* Commands to buy house or create organization are enabled for every rank.
* As external applications interfere with the gameplay, we decided to give equal opportunities to fair players and give them the option to set auto-cast. We believe that this will blur the differences in favor of fair players.
* Kai only consumes chakra if we remove crowd control (also with Guardian Crow for party members as a support).
* As bosses will be intensively strengthened in the future, their rewards will be more interesting and will add hero and criminal points.
* The highlighting of the selected monster or item has been changed from color orange to white.
* Anti-LeBron system: If a player's level drops to 5 or more above the maximum level, the player has leaf mode extra bonus for free.
* Summons reworked.
* Kankuro: Summon damage decreased from 30% to 10%. +10% summon defense removed.
* Sasori: +20% summon damage removed.
* Shino: Summon damage increased from 30% to 35%.
* Kiba: Summon damage increased from 10% to 30%.
* Kanchi no Jutsu works again from 4 stacks, but the user only uses this technique to avoid physical attacks.
* Orochimaru: Yamata no Jutsu attacks one shot less.
* We are increasing pills efficiency by 5% as part of the regeneration of life and chakra. Additionally, they now heal twice as fast.
* We temporarily disable most of the valuable boss items until we rework bosses one at a time.
* Protection against losing items and level in case of PVP death, taking into account too much difference of the attacker, restored.
* Jump now allows to jumpover players and not high monsters.
* Summon health regen significantly reduced. The regeneration is influenced by cauterization.
* Kiba: Reorder of Juujin Bunshin and Gatsuuga.
* Client optimization.
* Lots of fixes (and probably more bugs created).

We would like to apologize for the lack of a specific start date for the new server.
We want to give you time to test the patch and us to fix any bugs. It is important to us that the game is stable before the new server starts.
Please follow our social media profiles and pages where news will appear.

To connect use the client which you can download here:
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A new story is about to begin

Hello ninjas,
It was a great season for us, for the creators, and I believe it is also for you, for the players.
We've added a lot of news since last season. The patch list is huge.
Not only that, we fulfilled our promises from a year ago when we announced the new season and upcoming changes.
We've polished many characters and will continue to make them even more fun to play.
We've added a window for character's advanced stats that have never been seen before.
We made changes to the sets and divided them into 3 promised categories.
We have completed the leaf system that makes the game more enjoyable for players not in PvP.
Players could enjoy the start bonuses, and often not only newcomers.
The new 4 characters turned out to be very well liked and each found some function in the game.

It's time for new season, but we're not a fan of removing your achievements.
We believe that the solution to a higher level of fun will be to start a new story, not to erase the previous one.
We officially announce that a new server will be created. It will be located in a different location to allow for smooth gameplay for people who may not have experienced it.
The planned start is on 30.07.2022.

Before the start of the new server, an update will be introduced with many news and improvements.
Every day we will give a piece of information about what news will be waiting on the way of the ninja.
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Hello ninjas,
Today we have introduced another patch to the game with the following changes:

* Developed boss bar with the option to turn it off in the options.
* New depo building, crafting moved there.
* After death player always lose exp. High-level players discourage low-level players from playing, despite the current settings. In this situation, we decided to change these settings. Each player will have additional exp stages until they reach the maximum level they previously achieved on this character. If it is 10 or more levels, you will get +3 exp stage. If it is 5-9 levels, you will get +2 exp stage. If it is 1-4, you will get +1 exp stage.
* Another part of the item changes. Melee and jutsu damage bonus from items fixed.
* Monster changes: Adult Monks changed to Elder Monks. Black Knights changed to Jashinists.
* New market system. Please, note that now the bids are for the NSC, not the NSGC!

To connect use the client which you can download here:
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